Mifos X API – Call for Feedback

We are embarking on an exciting time as we advance the next generation of the Mifos platform, Mifos X.

Keith and John Woodlock have released the first version and published and documented the full API.

We’re seeking the feedback and questions of any past, current, and interested developers or for anyone who has ever wanted to build anything on top of Mifos. As we build out the next generation Mifos platform, we’re designing it be easy to extend and we want to know if that’s true with what we’ve shipped so far.

This API will be the foundation of Mifos as an extensible platform that can easily be extended to support the delivery of financial services to the poor. We are hosting two meetings this week to discuss and gather feedback on the API and the vision for Mifos X.

Meeting #1: Wednesday 6:00am GMT 

Meeting #2: Thursday 2:30 pm GMT (usual developer meeting time)

Each of those links is a Google invite that you can add to your calendar – please RSVP if able to attend.

All the details regarding the API can be found in John’s original mailing list post. Please send any questions beforehand to the list. If you can’t attend one of the two meetings, we’ll be continuing to discuss this at future weekly developer meetings.


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