• Payment Hub Enterprise Edition

    A Modern Orchestation Engine for Digital & Real-Time Payments.


Seamlessly connect to any payment system.


Book transactions on whatever core banking or ledger system your accounts are managed on.


Orchestrate your payment flows across any systems and microservices with our modern workflow engine powered by Zeebe.


Initiate transactions via any of your customer or staff-facing channels.


Stream transactional data into you fraud and risk management detection systems.

Digital payment use cases supported by Payment Hub EE

Mobile Money & Merchant Payments

Bi-lateral mobile money integration and payment orchestration to enable mobile collections, disbursements, P2P transfers, request to pay, and QR code payments according to the GSMA Mobile Money API standard.

Bulk Payments & G2P

Pre-processing of bulk payment lists and payment initiation and orchestration for G2P flows like social protection programs, conditional cash transfers, benefit payments, and more.

Real-Time Payments

Seamless integration and connection to ISO 20022 based real-time payment systems like SEPA in Europe, UK Faster payments, and US FedNow.

Cross-Border Remittances

Powering closed and open-loop cross border remittance systems including the transformation and mapping layer between Mojaloop and ISO 20022 message standard.

Open Banking & Finance

Enabling fintechs to initiate payments on behalf of customers through Open Banking & Third Party Payment Initiation (3PPI) APIs.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Issuing gateway for CBDC/Stablecoins to provide conversion point between fiat & digital currency in emerging markets and beyond. 

Instant & Inclusive Payment Systems

Integration &  Orchestration Layer to enable financial institutions to participate in centralized IIPs systems like Mojaloop for P2P and Merchant Request to to Pay flows.

Wholesale Cross-Border Payments

Unlocking innovation to reduce the cost and friction of interbank cross-border payments amongst financial institutions.

Highly scalable and extensible orchestration engine to enable participation in any digital payment ecosystem

Seamless Integration & Participation

Enables financial institutions of any size to effectively participate in real-time payment systems. 

  • Easy to integrate – abstracts out the complexity of API integration reducing onboarding time including out of the box integration with Mojaloop and support for ISO 20022 standard-based RTP systems. 
  • Full operational control center providing the tools to monitor, analyze and respond to payment transaction in real-time at the business and technical level. 

Extensible & Flexible

Enables limitless participation in additional systems by simply building more connectors for different payment rails, channels, and core banking. 

  • Extensible Architecture – PH-EE supports a myriad of configurations – build new payment connectors, initiate via alternate channels, book transactions on different cores – orchestrate all your different microservices via Zeebe.
  • Core Banking Agnostic – out-of-the-box PH-EE works with Mifos/Fineract as the default account management system but it can be connected to any core, ledger, or account management system.
  • Flexible Payment Bridge – direct bi-lateral connections or interoperable hub models, legacy or modern, closed or open loop – connect to any payment system by building another connector. Library of existing connectors continues to grow including Mojaloop, ISO 2022, Safaricom M-Pesa, and more. 

Powerful Orchestration

Built around Zeebe, a modern workflow engine for microservices orchestration developed by Camunda, flows are executed by mere configuration. 

  • Orchestrate any end-to-end workflow across your payments, core banking systems, and channels, by creating additional workers and simply configuring new BPMN workflow diagrams as the executable transaction and process flows. 
  • Explicitly define and model workflows that span multiple microservice and gain detailed visibility into how a workflow is performing so you can ensure a fully defined workflow is completed end to end.
  • Real-time streaming via Kafka enabling robust audit trails with fine-grained, frequent, and specific events.’

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Scalable & Enterprise-Grade

Highly scalable and fault-tolerant architecture deployable in any environment. 

  • Flexible deployment options – fully containerized, Payment Hub EE can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud of your choice.
  • Different deployment scenarios: depending on size, PH-EE can be deployed in three different configurations based on the level of availability, fault tolerance and the volume of transactions to be supported  – barebone, medium, and fully-scaled.
  • Multi-tenant – A single instance of PH-EE can be utilized by shared service providers offering services smaller financial institutions to spread out operational costs and leverage economies of scale.

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Open Source

Developed & distributed under a permissive open source license enabling commercial integrators to extend it with proprietary features while accessing a continually maintained and evolved core architecture from the open source community.

  • Flexibility and Control – Financial institutions have full control over the Payment Hub EE and can extend it to  their requirements and without any vendor lock-in for supporting their payment solutions.
  • Commercially Deployable – Integrators can lower the overall cost of delivering and distributing a robust, enterprise grade payment platform by building on top of Payment Hub EE additional proprietary and region-specific features.
  • Roadmap & Virtuous Cycle – Benefit from the virtuous cycle of a global community collectively maintaining and contributing to Payment Hub EE via a shared roadmap to implement common new functionality and enhancements over time.
  • Digital Public Good – Launched by the Mifos Initaitive with support from DIAL and the Gates Foundation, PH-EE is a recognized Digital public good and open source building block for achieving the SDG of No Poverty by 2030.