Mifos 2.2.3 is Released

SolDevelo released Mifos 2.2.3 on January 4, 2012.  This is the last maintenance release before on the Marie G branch before Release H. It contains more than 67 resolved tickets including numerous fixes to the user interface, various fixes to improve stability of embedded BIRT reports, and the completion of APIs to apply transactions to Mifos.  You can see these new APIs in action in version 1.2 of the Mifos Android Client which SolDevelo launched on December 23.

The JIRA release notes contain a full list of all the tickets resolved in Mifos 2.2.3.

Release H underway

SolDevelo is managing what features and enhancements will be shipped in the first major release fully supported by the community. This release is being targeted for the end of January. This release will include multilanguage support developed by Udai Gupta, enhancements to the collection sheet module by Hugo Technologies, accounting enhancements from Krishnan Mani, and integration with the Spring Mobile Framework led by SolDevelo. If you have any features/fixes you’d like to see – add them into JIRA. These are the current plans for Release H.

Community Calendar

Once we have the target date for Release H we’ll add it to the public Mifos Community Calendar set up by Kakhaber from FinA.  Upcoming open developer meetings and bi-weekly user meetups are listed on the calendar so please join a meeting and get involved in the community.

The various community teams will be adding their regular meeting schedule to this calendar so bookmark this link and invite yourself to any of the meetings you would like to attend.

Many thanks to Jakub, Lukasz, and the rest of the SolDevelo team for shipping another high-quality release for the community!

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