Mifos Latam Partner Summit, First Edition @Montevideo

Throughout this week, Montevideo will host two major events regarding financial inclusion.

The first one is the Latam Cooperatives Summit, organized by Aciamericas: The International Cooperative Alliance, an independent non-governmental organization that brings together, represents and serves cooperative organizations around the world. Mifos is sponsoring the event but we’ll speak to more of that tomorrow.

The second major event is the First-ever Mifos Latam Partner Summit. For the first time, all technological partners from Latam are gathering in the same place for a time to learn and engage more with our Community, and to discuss and share experiences about themselves and their own projects.

Mifos, Flexibility, iOU FinTech, and Jala Group - attendees of Mifos Latam Partner Summit

Day 1 started with an informal lunch, continued by the welcome and start of the Summit itself.

During the welcoming, our Director of Strategic Initiatives for Latam, Javier Borkenztain, shared with the participants the Mifos story and what the Latam team has been doing in Belize, Ecuador and Mexico during this year.

Opening slide for Latam Partner Summit

Then, Ma. Luisa Martínez, Account Manager for Latam, spoke about the Mifos Community and Chapters, informing the attendees of forthcoming launch of the Quito Chapter, the first in Latin America.

Participants at Latam Partner Summit

With the introduction finalized, Diego Canelas from Jala Group (Bolivia), said that his main objectives for this week are “to learn more about Mifos, its resources, deployments, and how we work with regulators and regulations, and also the sales pitch”.

Manuel Picallo from Flexibility+Ideas (Argentina) mentioned that his goals are “to understand what is the market, the product and how to tackle them as well as sharing experiences and working together to improve our Community”.

Manuel from Flexibility Argentina

Christian Andrade and Andrés Villa from iOU Fintech (Ecuador) said that their objective is “to contribute with their experience from Mifos and learn from the other partners”.

We ended the day with each partner introducing themselves and telling us about their companies and projects related to Mifos.

We are hosting this event at Espacio Serratosa Co-Work, one of the most important innovation and technology hubs in Uruguay.

Look forward to more updates from the Summits throughout the week!

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