Corent Delivers Mifos X as “SaaS in a Box”

Corent recently announced that Mifos X is now available on their SurPaaS platform which will allow Mifos partners to easily deploy and operate localized versions of the Mifos X Platform “as a service” and efficiently support large numbers of local and regional financial institutions. 

Corent will be hosting a webinar on July 2 at 1400 GMT via GoToTraining to showcase Mifos X on the SurPaaS platform. 

Attend the Corent Webinar showcasing Mifos X on the SurPaaS platform on July 2 at 1400 GMT.


Learn how you can offer Mifos X as SaaS using Corent SurPaaS®

Corent Technology has made the Mifos X Platform easier to deploy in a SaaS model enabling partners globally to deliver value-added solutions for the local markets. It is now possible for Mifos channel partners to easily bundle cloud services together and manage them from a single platform.Find out how SurPaaS can help you manage a growing business with ease while giving the flexibility to attract more customers without adding the complexity.Register for the webinar and learn more at:




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