Markus Geiss

Chief Architect

As Chief Architect, Markus oversees our core development team and is at the helm of the design and architecture of the Mifos X platform and financial service engine. He brings both his expertise from building enterprise solutions and his commitment to our social mission to design and scale Mifos X to support the sector’s evolution towards digital financial services. Markus sets forth a bold vision for the platform and provides the leadership and discipline to guide our core team and community to efficiently execute upon that vision and develop a vibrant ecosystem around our platform. 

Markus brings more than 15 years experience as a systems architect and product development lead at companies like Recommind and iTac. He’s well-versed in designing and building out the service layer architecture and APIs for enterprise business applications and solutions for business intelligence and big data. Markus volunteered with the Mifos community for nearly a year before joining the team full-time in 2015.