Dayna Harp

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Dayna Harp is a respected member of the professional community with exceptional financial operations experience. She was the Chief Executive Officer for The White House Federal Credit Union in Washington, DC. She has addressed England’s Parliament and Treasury Banking Team as an invited expert on robust credit union operations.

Mrs. Harp is skilled in restructuring operations to optimize growth, productivity, profitability and competitive advantage. She is a dynamic change agent who adapts quickly, sorts through problems, and improves efficiency and profit. Throughout her career, businesses have experienced strong ROI through innovation and a razor focus on goals. She worked in the credit union field for over 20 years beginning as a teller and becoming a CEO. She has consulted with small and large credit unions throughout the United States developing sound operational policies, contingency plans and financial procedures. She is adept at building consensus and motivating teams. Harp uses this experience to assist those at the base of the financial pyramid, through the use of Mifos X to gain financial stability.

Harp is a graduate of Ohio University and is a Certified Chief Executive Officer through her graduate studies at Cornell University, Warton School of Business and Darden University.