mLite – First Community-Built App on the Mifos X Platform

During our previous user meetup on June 27, Cameron and Sander from Musoni BV demonstrated mLite, the first application built by a community member on top of the Mifos X platform.

Having launched the world’s first “cashless” microfinance institution at Musoni Kenya, they were looking to scale and replicate that innovative process model worldwide. Having chosen the Mifos X platform as the foundation for their MIS, they built a front-end PHP-based web interface with dashboards, custom reporting, a custom user interfaced and carefully streamlined workflows.  It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Musoni; as winners of the Global Microfinance Achievement Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology in 2011, their input and contributiosn will help push the horizon of innovation on Mifos X.



Musoni mLite screenshot of app on Mifos X

In a mere two months, Sander and his team at Musoni were able to build out this beautiful interface completely through the Mifos X API. Musoni will be rolling out this best-practice microfinance application in the coming months throughout East Africa; mLite will be a proprietary application distributed and supported by their team. Their work is a brilliant example of the technology and business potential of the Mifos X platform. Apart from the integration with M-Pesa, all the underlying functionality is part of the core Mifos X platform, fully available under the open source Mozilla Public License 2.0. Sander worked closely with our development team providing his detailed business requirements which were implemented in the platform by Keith and John Woodlock and Vishwas Babu from our development team.  These inputs have substantially shaped our accounting module and suite of savings products supported in Mifos X.

We are eager to work with other Specialists and MFIs seeking to build financial inclusion applications on the Mifos X platform.  We will work with you to help implement the core back-end functionality in the platform needed to support your processes and methodology.  You simply then build out your specification application and workflows through the RESTful API.

We will have a more formal announcement with Cameron and Musoni BV with details of mLite in the coming months but wanted to share a link to a demo instance of mLite and a screencast of the live demo during the June 27 Mifos X User Meetup.

To access the demo instance:

This is all powered by our Mifos X platform which is now on the Mifos X 1.4 release cycle. You can access a demo server or the bleeding edge code at:

Here’s the video of the mLite demo:




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