The 2016 product roadmap for the Mifos X platform is a living document that will continue to evolve throughout the course of the year. It serves as the vision for our platform and blueprint for how our community and ecosystem of partners can contribute to enhancing the platform, community app, and mobile solutions throughout 2016

2016 Roadmap

This roadmap provides a high-level quarterly breakdown of new features being worked on by the core development team, our partners, and the community at large. Each quarter we’ll prioritize incoming feature requests, open them up to the community for voting, and finalize the release plan for the forthcoming quarter. Below is the slide deck presented on the roadmap during our December Product Roadmap webinar.

Use it as a guide to what’s coming in the product but most importantly a blueprint for how you can contribute as a partner or volunteer.

Roadmap Webinar

In December 2015 we conducted a webinar outlining the 2016 roadmap:


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