Star Contributor of the Month – Mexina Daniel


We’re recognizing Mexina Daniel of Singo Africa from Dar es Salaam, as our Star Contributor. Mexina has been one of our most active community members, making a storm of contribution on our mailing lists, wiki, and issue trackers in her role as lead software developer. She has reported nearly 3 dozen bugs, requested multiple new features including specifications for Fixed Asset Management, and fixed 10 bugs. Mexina is thorough in all her work and deeply committed to the community. Join us in thanking Mexina for her valuable efforts and we look forward to more of her leadership as Singo Africa expands its presence in Tanzania and beyond. 

Mexina Daniel – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Brief Bio (in the words of Mexina):

I am currently working as Lead Software Developer at Singo Africa Limited, a business technology and consulting company, prior to that I have worked as an intern on a project that was dealing with an open source software. I believe in open source solutions as they combine vision, desire and knowledge of different people with different problem solving spirit to provide something which is best to the end user, To help people is my call and I feel so good when I see my contribution like ideas, skills and knowledge become sweet fruits to the community.

Relevant Skills & Experience: I have been working on AngularJS and Java,  also have experience on JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Mexina’s Impact:

Discovering Mifos

I discovered Mifos when I started supporting the department in our company that is serving the industry of financial services, in order to provide the best solution to our customers and since we are good believer of open source, our company decided to choose Mifos X as the solution to provide to financial inclusions.

Contributions Made to Date: 

  • I have reported 30 bugs, 26 regarding the community-app and 4 regarding the platform
  • I have requested 8 improvements, 7 are to the community-app and 1 is to the platform
  • I have fixed 10 bugs which are already merged and 2 are waiting to be reviewed
  • I have participated in the preparation of requirement specifications for Fixed Asset Management feature and shared it to the community

Current Projects: 

My immediate focus in short term is incorporating Tanzania specifics features to Apache Fineract hence Mifos X platform…  e.g. our usual or popular loan products etc.

Impact on the Poor: 

I believe with my contributions that improves the functionality of the system, they will give the banking opportunity to the poor and help them to live the life they want.  

What’s Rewarding about Working on Mifos:

The fact that it is really easy to make a contribution to the projects. The community has long term contributors like Ed, Mohit and Gaurav who have been associated with community since long and been very helpful to anyone who is new to the community.

Top Piece of Advice for Others in the Mifos Community:

Be proud of the change you are making to other people’s life especially the unbanked and underbanked people mostly in Africa, South America and  East  Asia

Fun Facts about Mexina

Favorite Food: Stewed banana

Favorite Open Source Project: Mifos X

If Mexina Could Travel to One Place in the World:  Israel

Interesting fact/tidbit about yourself you’d like to share: One reason makes me like reading books is, reading books makes me create scenes in the head. Sometimes I think if I had to choose my career in entertainment industry, I could make a best movie director.


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