Singo Africa

Impact: Since becoming a Mifos Partner in August 2015, the team at Singo Africa have quickly made Mifos a recognizable name in Tanzania, promoting the system to more than 70% of the market. They were recently certified by the Registrar of Cooperatives as a Certified Service Provider to the Cooperative Societies with Mifos as the audited solution.

Singo Africa Limited is a business technology and consulting company bringing world class experience by focusing on adding value and stimulating competitiveness to its Africa business partners through their existing as well as new technologies and business services.

Singo Africa is well integrated with the microfinance industry to ensure end-to-end value is delivered, resources are managed and risk is minimized; the company engages and collaborates with its esteemed customers, partners and stakeholders in transparently, respectful and integrity manner.

Singo Africa consists of 13+ full time employees and keeps on increasing in which some majority are dedicated to Mifos X and the rest focused on banking, IT and accounting. They have invested much on acquiring the knowledge and experience of the microfinance industry enough to providing Mifos X platform with high-quality services to their customers and all stakeholders.

Singo Africa partnered with the Mifos Initiative in consulting, implementing, training and supporting the Mifos X platform in Microfinance Institutions and SACCOs in Tanzania ensuring SACCOs and Microfinance Institutions are well advised to have a tailored, scalable and maintainable solution.

Singo Africa Limited is also providing business technology services to other industries apart from microfinance services. For more information please visit

The team at Singo Africa was looking for a solution that was world class, scalable and affordable to Africa business, in particular MFIs e.g. SACCOS. They strive to provide a solution that bridges the gap of what a corporate bank customer vs a normal poor community user residing at the far end of our country gets. They wanted their company to contribute to the community where they originate and importantly, actually live.

Singo Africa has been participating in the Mifos X community through users and developers meetings, mailing lists, and Mifos chatroom for almost a year now. They are looking forward to reaching all customers and stakeholders in one year’s time and to extend their services to EAC and SADC economic blocks.