Impact: The team at Flexibility has championed Mifos all throughout South and Central America. Large businesses such as Visa, Santander, BBVA, and Diebold Nixdorf rely on Flexibility’s solutions for their daily operations. The team’s background is rooted in experience, and have built their legacy knowledge and watched it grow dynamically in the areas of Electronic channels, Settlement, CRM, Data Analysis, and Information Security.

Flexibility is passioned to drive cost savings and process improvements every step of the way. They view their relationship with their customers as a true partnership that goes far beyond a vendor engagement.

Flexibility was one of our first Mifos partners in Latin America. The organization was initiated back in 2010, and were legally founded in 2012. Flexibility plans to be heavily involved with Mifos I/O (Apache Fineract Version 2.0), and truly believe that the products will be a real true standard not only for financial inclusion, but for full digital banking too.

Flexibility has recently partnered with Redhat, IBM, Diebold Nixdorf and more tech leaders so their clients can benefit from these high-level networks too.

Flexibility supports an organization’s individual strategic objectives with services that range from analysis, consulting and installation to monitoring and maintenance. They are currently working to develop Mifos over a true set of banking channels to complement the offering for the financial organizations that are thinking that Mifos can be a real world class solution for their communities.

The team at Flexibility believes that their experience in the Financial Market will give Mifos full solutions complemented with POS Terminals, ATMs, Mobiles, delivering cross channel services.

Flexibility is driven to see the success of their clients. They understand that adopting the right solutions from the get-go can have a huge impact on how quickly and efficiently a business can scale. They strive to implement solutions that fit the businesses requirements for whoever they are working for.

Flexibility has been an active part of our online and local community, speaking at regional events and participating at our first Latam Partner Summit. They strive to be a world class channel provider for Mifos. They head into 2017 planning to be more engaged with Mifos so they can deploy the solution around Latin America.