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In this month’s Partner Spotlight we are featuring BOWPI from Guatemala. BOWPI joined the Mifos team in July 2017, and quickly began contributing to the community. They are one of the up-and-coming partners from Latin America that have recently joined our community. As a fintech company leveraging cutting-edge technologies machine learning and artificial intelligence, they are emblematic of this next generation of Mifos partners that is carrying our torch forward. Already the BOWPI team has been active on the mailing lists and made several enhancements to the core platform they’ll be contributing back to the community. Join us in welcoming them!

This regular blog series will shine the light on some of our top Partners. Not only do we want to recognize them for their accomplishments, we want others to learn from the approach they’ve taken to promote and implement Mifos.

Mifos Partners are one of the most crucial links in our community – they are the driving force that is promoting and supporting Mifos worldwide.  Aside from championing our product and bringing the Mifos technology to new markets, they act as the fundamental bridge feeding in MFI requirements to be developed by the community. Partners don’t stop there as many are also developing and localizing the product to fit their local market.  For all these reasons, we focus our full energy on making Partners successful – they are the primary channel to market, the eyes and ears on the ground, and the entrepreneurial force that will help us sustainably scale. We’d love to recognize your partner organization in this monthly spotlight so please reach out if you’d like to be featured.

Let’s take some time to learn more about BOWPI directly from their team.

Overview of the Partner Organization

  • History of your company

BOWPI is a technology company operating in Guatemala started by a team with over 15 years of experience in banking. This pressed us against the urgency to integrate leading digital technologies into our processes to reduce transaction costs, make better predictions for lending and better procedures for collecting.

  • Size of company

Our team consists of 20 specialists with backgrounds in computer science, banking, behavioral science and marketing, who collaborate in an effort to take the lead in the digital financial revolution in our region.  

  • Mission of your company

BOWPI is a financial technology enterprise seeking to digitalize processes and integrate an end-to-end, omni-channel solution that allows you to reduce transaction costs, increase profit and enhance customer satisfaction.

We use machine learning to profile potential clients, predict the client’s payment behavior and significantly improve your distribution and value chain to place you ahead of the digital financial revolution

  • Contributions you’ve made

We have developed improvements on algorithms designed to calculate daily fees for overdue payments, automatic reversal of late payment fees for customers that qualify, a multi-variable nominal interest rate and greater detail for repayments, including rates, charges and taxes.

What Motivates Your Contributions?

We want to master the use of cutting edge digital technologies to reduce operational costs to help our customers, most of which are still operating in the traditional analog way.

Who are you working with right now?

Credichapin, a micro-lender focused on financial inclusion and micro enterprises in Guatemala. With a large network of offices across the country, Credichapin seeks to reach those who have little to no access to financial services.  

What is your focus now and heading into 2017?

Authentication support for OpenAM

Offline transaction capability for branches

Migration of Credichapin to MIFOS

What words of advice would you give to others in the community?

Seek to integrate the advantages that can be generated by behavioral science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to data acquisition and process management, together with better sales training and building our agents’ social network.

Personal Introduction of the Team

Our team members come from diverse but complementary fields of experience and interest, seeking to take the lead in the design and implementation of holistic digital technology models to help our customers thrive in the financial market. The following are the main specializations of our team members.

    • Computer Science
    • Data Science
    • Behavioral Science
    • Business Administration   
    • Business Intelligence
    • Finance and Banking

We all hold in high esteem competence and effectiveness as well as brilliance and enthusiasm.

BOWPI Contact Information

Website –

Phone – +(502) 2445 4945

Email –

Location – Vía 4 1-00 zona 4 Edificio Tec 2 Oficina 702, Guatemala City, Guatemala

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