Mifos X On FLOSS Weekly

Vishwas Babu and I had the pleasure of being guests on FLOSS Weekly on April 9, 2014. FLOSS Weekly is a live talk show hosted by Randal Schwartz that features the most interesting and important people in the Open Source and Free Software community. This week Randal was out so we had a blast chatting with Aaron Newcomb and Dan Lynch about all great opportunities the Mifos X platform presents for financial inclusion. Check out the video below or download the audio or video to watch later on.

FLOSS Weekly 289 – Mifos X


Many thanks to Randal for giving us this opportunity. At this past OSCON, he stopped by our booth and we got the chance to give him an update on all the exciting changes that had taken place with Mifos X. He was eager to have us back on the FLOSS Weekly and nearly six years later, we’re back on the show. Oh how time flies!

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