Hacking for a Cause – Mifos at Random Hacks of Kindness

I am totally psyched to be headed to San Francisco this weekend to experience Random Hacks of Kindness for the first time. We are ready to RHoK out with Mifos as one of the featured problems for December 2012.  The sheer enormity of this global collaboration puts me in awe – i really don’t know what to expect but am excited to lead our project and am sure great things are on the way.

Random Hacks

We have been wanting to do RHoK for a while now and luckily all things have quickly come together thanks to Celine Takatsuno from Benetech and Social Coding 4 Good. We are privileged and grateful to be partnering with Social Coding 4 Good who have given us this opportunity to be a featured problem and work with HP Social Innovation teams across three global locations.

social coding cosm hp
On the heels of our summit, we’re excited to be opening our Mifos X platform to these new contributors and have three awesome challenging problems to tackle over the weekend and beyond:
Saturday morning, around the world, we will all start to hack away at these problems. Vishwas and Ashok will kick us off in Bangalore with a strong team of HP volunteers supporting them. Keith and John will be heading up a small group from our “global headquarters” in Dublin. I will be welcoming back Sam Birney who’s going to help out this weekend by ushering in contributions that come through San Francisco.
Follow our progress on our Hackpad and stay in touch via IRC at #mifos.
At all the other global locations, we hope you’ll join us along the way.
Celine wrote a great post to the Benetech blog that I’m sharing below. It helps to show how important it is to sustain these contributions beyond the weekend the weekend and the crucial role Social Coding 4 Good will play in sustaining these contributions beyond the weekend.

It’s a terrific experience to spend a weekend hacking for social good. Knowing that you’re working with literally thousands of others worldwide makes it simply awe-inspiring.

That’s why we love Random Hacks of Kindness Global: 2 days + 30 countries + 3000 geeks working on making the world a better, safer place. Its mission is strongly aligned with our own at SocialCoding4Good: build awareness of technology serving humanity, engage technical volunteers to contribute their time and talents to design and develop it, and foster cross-sector collaboration to amplify its impact.

At RHoK Global in June 2012, we joined the RHoK Sustainability Project, and invited participants to build solutions addressing challenges in accessibility or human rights, two core program areas at Benetech. One solution would be selected to receive technical development leadership, and guidance toward application and organizational sustainability. We were deeply impressed by the creativity of the teams and their projects, and after a challenging decision process, selected Amnesty International’s Invisible Victims project, which seeks to leverage digital services to support migrants, making the invisible crimes against them visible, without putting migrants, their families, and networks, at further risk. Our partnership, launched shortly after RHoK June 2012, continues forward with a focus on data and digital security.

As December’s RHoK Global event quickly approaches, we are thrilled to be participating once again. We realized that our humanitarian free and open source software (HFOSS) partners had important roadmap projects with tremendous potential, but in many cases lacked the resources to design, prototype, and develop them. Each of these partners has established deployments and an active community, and a demonstrated history of creating transformative impact. RHoK Global presented a perfect opportunity to support the sustainability of an existing partner, and in so doing, connect individual developers and corporate teams around the globe with the chance to apply their energy, enthusiasm, and experience for social benefit.

We’ve teamed up with MifosThe Community for Open Source Microfinance, an open source platform currently being used in 20 countries to deliver financial services to more than a million people, and HP Social Innovation, a Random Hacks of Kindness Core Partner as well as our own. Mifos is building a world where each person has the access to financial resources needed to create a better life for themselves and their family – truly demonstrating the power of technology to empower peoples’ lives every day. Mifos, HP, and SocialCoding4Good will have subject matter experts, technical leads, and developer teams at RHoK Bangalore, Dublin, and San Francisco, focusing on three key projects:

The contributions of global RHoK participants during the course of the weekend – and beyond – will strengthen Mifos’ efforts to scale towards a vision of enabling 3 Million Maries to create a world without poverty. Transformative impact, indeed. Won’t you join us?

Are you ready to RHoK with Mifos? Learn more at and sign up for your local event on the Random Hacks of Kindness website. We’re excited to collaborate with you!

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