100 Million Project: Our Commitment to Social Performance Management

We’re honored to have been invited to participate in the Microcredit Summit Campaign’s 100 Million Project to end extreme poverty. Our commitment centers around the PPI in both our pledge to have it fully integrated within the platform for both recording and reporting on the scorecards as well as adoption of the PPI through our customer and our partners. We want to take the PPI and Social Performance Management much further than we have before – making it its own module in the platform with not only the ability to capture scorecards but to sample, target, and benchmark that SPM to provide actionable results.
We also don’t want PPI just to be another feature in the software and part of our commitments is to ensure adoption amongst our community. We stand ready to help at least half a dozen Mifos customers adopt the PPI in 2015 as well as getting three of our partner fully trained to implement the PPI and roll out a social performance management framework.

As part of announcing our commitment for 2015, we’ll be hosting an e-workshop led by the Microcredit Summit Campaign on February 19th at 1600GMT. Our workshop will focus on why the financial inclusion sector needs to embrace open platforms to reach it’s full potential. We’ll speak to the benefits of open technology, open business models and how we are using community-driven development and support to scale financial inclusion. This e-workshop will feature some of our standout community members including Craig Chelius, our Executive Director, volunteer Markus Geiss, and Cameron Goldie-Scot of Musoni Services.

They will tell their own personal experiences as they’ve used the Mifos X platform as a transformative foundation in which to to use technology to broaden the impact and reach of financial inclusion. We’ll also unveil more details of our PPI roadmap for 2015 as well as plans for our Client Impact Portal. Just as we’ve changed the game by delivering banking as a open cloud-based service, we intend to do the same for transparency and impact for funders of financial inclusion.

Don’t forget to register for the webinar and read the announcement to learn about our commitments in full:

    • PPI Integration – Full integration of the PPI within the Mifos X platform with support for  56 countries
    • PPI Reports – Develop and release 5 standard reports to analyze PPI data.
    • PPI Adoption – Commit to ensuring at least 6 customers on Mifos X platform are implementing the PPI
    • PPI TrainingCommit to getting at least 3 Mifos Certified Partners trained & registered as PPI trainers
A special thank you to Dayna Harp and Jesse and Sara at MCS for enabling us to make a commitment. We are in such esteemed company with the other 56 organizations that have joined this coalition so this external pledge will be a good driving force for improving SPM in Mifos X in  2015.   Please contact us if you’d like to begin using the PPI or get trained to implement PPI.
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