All of our documentation is housed in the Confluence wiki found in MifosForge. Here you will find a mix of technical and end user documentation.

User Documentation

  • Installation Guide –  For those looking to install Mifos X on a Windows device, follow this comprehensive installation guide.
  • User Manual – The Mifos X Community App User Manual provides an end to end overview of using the Mifos X community app from the perspective of an end user and system administrator. Apart from covering how to perform all the tasks and activities within Mifos X, it explains the design and intent behind each feature which is helpful for initial setup and configuration.  starting with initial setup and configuration on down to the day to day operations and tasks that would be performed in the Community App. The user manual can be downloaded and exported so that it can be customized for your own organization.
  • Functional Specifications – Functional specifications provide a detailed overview of each feature, how its used, the business need(s) it addresses, and how the operation is performed in Mifos. These are a vital tool for properly configuring Mifos and can be used a guide for planning your installation and setup of Mifos; the functional specifications explain how a feature works within Mifos, while the User Manual gives how-to instructions for the user or administrator to perform the task. 
  • Deployment Toolkit – coming soon!

Video Screencasts

Technical Documentation

Browse our technical resources section for a link to the main sources of technical documentation