Online Meetups

Each Thursday we hold rotating online meetups for our users and developers. Each meeting provides an opportunity to share experiences with others, ask any questions or brainstorm any new topics, and watch demos of the latest features being release or code being developed.

Developer Meetings Hosted by Mifos

User Meetings Hosted by Mifos

Community Webinars

Mifos Partner Roundtables


  • Mifos Chapters

    Mifos chapters are volunteer-driven groups that promote technology-enabled financial inclusion and empower their local communities to use, collaborate, build, and grow the Mifos X platform together.

  • Mifos Community Council

    The Mifos Community Council is a neutral governing body of community members that can uniformly represent the interests and needs of the entire community as it grows. It works to ensure accountability, representation, a participatory culture, neutrality and transparency, unity, and mission-alignment across our community.

  • Code of Conduct

    The Mifos Code of Conducts exists to ensure fair and active participation amongst all members of the community. It governs our actions publicly and privately when we are participating in or representing the project.

Collaboration Tools

  • Mifos Connect

    Mifos Connect is our question and answer knowledge sharing portal powered by AnswerHub – here you can go to give and get solutions on using the product, volunteering in the community, enhancing your financial inclusion knowledge, and more.

  • Community Mailing Lists

    Mailing lists are the primary way we communicate across the community. Our Fineract Users and Developers Mailing Lists are the primary points for communication for using the Fineract platform.  We also host both a users and a developers mailing list for discussion and support around using and developing the Mifos X Community App and Mobile Apps. Sign up for the lists and post or email your question to begin a discussion.

  • Live Chatroom

    Have a question you need an answer for right now? Hop into our Gitter chatroom and if anyone is around, you can carry out a real-time conversation with a fellow community member.