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Mifos X is an extended platform for delivering the complete range of financial services needed for an effective financial inclusion solution.

Flexible Platform

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Platform for Financial Inclusion

New and small MFIs can easily start with just our micro-credit app with a hosted version.

Medium and large institutions that are evolving into full-service providers of financial inclusion can use our global network of IT specialists to configure a complete Mifos X solution.

Global Community

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Global Community

The Mifos community collectively creates, supports, and sustains innovation worldwide.

Mifos X users access the knowledge of our global community.

Local IT specialists provide technology services for Mifos X and financial inclusion.

Local chapters built around users and practitioners share and educate best practices for Mifos X and financial inclusion.

Product Success

The Mifos X platform contains all the functionality needed for deploying a complete financial inclusion solution and can be configured for:

  • Any combination of financial services
  • For any market or demographic
  • For any organizational type

Mission Success

Mifos X keeps your focus on the success of your social mission by allowing you to:

  • Grow the solution by adding apps
  • Start simple with minimum needed functionality
  • Evolve into a complete solution for financial inclusion

Deployment Success

The modern Mifos X design of platform + apps + clouddelivers:

  • Flexibility
  • Low cost
  • Ease of deployment
  • Ease of Integration

Our Mission

To speed the elimination of poverty by coordinating a global community that builds, supports, and uses Mifos X, a free and open source platform that enables financial service providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver responsible financial services to the  world’s 2.5 billion poor and unbanked.

3 Billion Maries

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