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Skylabase as a technology company based in Cameroon that aims to provide its customers smart solutions that are both usable and affordable including SmartFinance, powered by Mifos.

Certification Level
Type of Partner
Platform Solution Partner
Primary Contact
Ayuk Etta
Number of Customers
3 customers
Active Member of the Community Since:
December 7, 2015
Regions Served
Africa - Central
Social Mission

We realized in Africa, many are un-banked and this cause people or the local person to mismanage their finance. We wish to reach out to the local people who cannot have accounts in big banks. We want to offer them an opportunity to make wise and progressive decisions about their finance, to increase the rate of investments and to expose them to financial loans opportunities that they cannot have in the big and well established banks.

Services Offered

We focus on localization and Custom Development where we localize the Mifos X solution based on the environment, build additional services on the platform such as mobile money integration with Mifos X. This enable clients to be able to carry out transactions like savings and withdrawals from their mobile devices via mobile money and the Mifos X client interaction Apps. We also carry out implementation services where we direct the work flow of the MFI to that of the Mifos X platform to maximize their output. We also carry out reports development and integration with other systems.

Deployment Partner Services
Implementation Services, Hosting & Support Services, Mifos Training & Education, Localization & Custom Development, Systems Integration, Reports Development, Microfinance & Business Process Consulting, Social Performance Management Consulting
Platform Solution Services
Product/Solution Development on Mifos X platform (branded solutions), Integration of existing product with Mifos X platform , Custom app or module development on Mifos X platform
Size of the Team
10 employees
Team Description

We are a team of 10. We have 4 software engineers who are core backend developers with 4 years of software development experience each. They are versed with Java enterprise edition and other related technologies to the MifosX platform. We have 1 project manager, 1 Finance consultant who is a bank manager, he is experienced in the workflow processes of a bank or microfinance and work with the engineers to understand the processes and the workflows. We have 4 marketers who carry out marketing and market research on the applications we develop and their market reach and potential.

Areas of Expertise

We are specialized in developing ERP systems providing them as SAAS software. We run a small micro-finance called Skybank whose main client base are students. We are working with ERP software in Education, Health and Finance. We are moving into mobile banking and online payments and wish to use mifosX as our online banking platform for our clients and as a payment method on our health and educational platform as a mode of payments for our clients. We are interfacing the platform with Mobile money in Cameroon so as to ease the mobile banking aspect of the application.

Relevant Industry Experience

We have experience in MFI and banking for over 4 years as two of our core team members have worked and managed such institutions. They have worked with other proprietary systems such as Alpha, and we fully understand the limitations that exist on those systems and how to we can fix that with the mifos X platform. We have a full knowledge on understanding the workflow of MFI and banks and how to automate their processes with the right software package.

Customers Being Supported

Skybank – 500 clients

Future Goals & Strategy for Mifos

Our three year goal commences as from January 2016, and we plan to accomplish the following

  1. We want Mifos X to be the MFI software package in Cameroon and Central African Countries being prescribed from the managerial board and used by all the MFIs to accomplish their business processes
  2. Develop Mobile solutions on the Mifos X platform to enable both clients and administrators carry out their transactions on the platform.
  3. Mifos X should be a reference MFI application and is fully customizable and extendable
  4. We want a full integration of Mifos X and mobile money.
  5. We want to also integrate Mifos X and Bit-coin

Most of these solutions we plan to bring to the Mifos X platform will need help from the community in terms of their development hence most of the technology will be open


Your 3 year plan is ambitious and I love it. My advice will be to incorporate the community in a larger scale to all the steps you take

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