Bogani Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
Bogani Road Nairobi Nairobi 07032 KE
Certification Level
Type of Partner
Deployment Partner
Primary Contact
Number of Customers
3 customers
Active Member of the Community Since:
May 1, 2015
Regions Served
Africa - East
Social Mission

We are motivated by the solution provided by Mifos, and the fact that Mifos allowed the community to use their platform at no or very minimal cost

Services Offered

We offer the following services:

  • Customization and integration to mobile money and ISO8583 payment
  • USSD and Mobile app development
  • Deployment and maintenance of mifos platform
Deployment Partner Services
Implementation Services, Hosting & Support Services, Mifos Training & Education, Localization & Custom Development, Systems Integration, Reports Development, Microfinance & Business Process Consulting, Social Performance Management Consulting
Platform Solution Services
Product/Solution Development on Mifos X platform (branded solutions), Integration of existing product with Mifos X platform , Custom app or module development on Mifos X platform
Size of the Team
5 employees
Team Description

We are a highly motivated team of Software Engineers with over 6 years’ experience in software design, development, testing and deployment across various platforms. We have worked on several software projects from inception to completion. We take pride in our efficient coding to consistently high standards.

Areas of Expertise
  • Mobile money platforms Integration
  • Database Software design, development, testing and deployment
  • Software debugging and troubleshooting
  • Linux and windows servers administration and scripting using batch,
    bash and shell script System and API integrations using HTTP, HTTPS,
    SMPP, SOAP, SAAJ, XMLRPC, ZeroMQ, ISO8583 and Diameter protocols
  • Card technology: ACOS 3 smart card, ACOS 6 smart card, Java cards
    (Java card kit 2.2.2)
  • Microsoft Reporting Services and Business intelligence tools
  • Biometric systems development and deployment
  • Network design and installation
Relevant Industry Experience

We have worked with modern mobile money and banking stabdards

Customers Being Supported
  • Halifax Financial Services
Future Goals & Strategy for Mifos
  • Our goal is to develop many plugins that integrate with mifos to further enhance features that are unique to various clients and are not incuded in the platform