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Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Mabatini Road Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam TZ

We are a Microfinance engaged in providing highly innovative, quick and easily accessible loan products to the Tanzanian market. Our operations are centered towards leveraging technologies to transform consumer lending from the traditional complicated process it is today into a hassle-free, readily available and round-the-clock experience.

We are committed at building technologies to power transformation of our own business and that of other microfinances in the marketplace. Through technology, we aim at bridging the gap between consumers’ need for speed and instant accessibility of loans, and Microfinances need of lowering cost and maximizing revenue.

Type of Partner
Platform Solution Partner
Primary Contact
Number of Customers
50 customers
Active Member of the Community Since:
September 9, 2016
Regions Served
Africa - East
Social Mission

Mifos has built one of the leading financial services platform in the World and Green Financial Services is looking at bringing a custom localized version of that platform to the marketplace it operates. Being a Micro finance ourselves operating in the Tanzanian market, we leverage our knowledge of the market and learned best practices to build a customized platform that thoroughly addresses the needs of all customers and businesses.

The platform shall play a key role in accelerating financial inclusion among societies and transforming financial services in the Tanzanian market

Services Offered

1) Quick easily accessible loans
2) Financial Services platform development, deployment and support

Deployment Partner Services
Localization & Custom Development
Platform Solution Services
Product/Solution Development on Mifos X platform (branded solutions)
Size of the Team
5 employees
Team Description

The organization is headed by John Wambura, a Computer Science University graduate and a former banker. John worked in the Digital Channels department of NBC, one of the biggest banks in the Tanzanian market before joining hands with others to found Green Financial Services. In addition, John is also a PRINCE2 Certified Project Manager. With this background, Green Financial Services was founded on the idea of making it a technology driven organization to maximize its reach and service span, considering the diverse Tanzanian geography. Our Head of IT is particularly a developer, having brought to market some of the most interesting and leading technology solutions. Our Sales team understands the market, knowing what products real make the difference in the market

Areas of Expertise

1) Banking & Microfinance
2) Software Development, deployment and support
3) Sales & Marketing

Relevant Industry Experience

Green Financial employees come from different industries including Microfinance, banking, technology and marketing. The career diverse background of the employees is key into building solutions that satisfy customers from all dimensions

Customers Being Supported

Green Financial Services being new to the Mifos Community, we are working very hard to localize the Mifos X platform such that we start recruiting customers to it

History with the Mifos Community

We joined the Mifos Community in September 2016. Before then, we were extensively researching for partners we can work with to achieve a common goal of building a market leading financial services platform in the Tanzanian market. Having read a lot about Mifos Community, we concluded that we can work with its diverse and rich community towards achieving a common goal of accelerating financial inclusion among the society we operate

Future Goals & Strategy for Mifos

We aim of transforming Mifos X platform into a market leading financial service platform in our marketplace

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