Conflux Technologies is a company of young Indians who left their software development jobs in the private Indian technology sector to launch their own company supporting Mifos. They saw the overwhelming challenges MFIs faced in using technology and realized that they could dramatically improve the ability of these MFIs in serving the poor.

Led by Vishwas Babu and Nayan Ambali, Conflux Technologies is now supporting more than half a dozen MFIs throughout India, regularly going on road shows to find new users. Conflux stands out because of their willingness to contribute new innovations to the community and their tireless support to users, providing them a high level of support tailored to their needs, including a simple hosted solution in the Amazon Cloud and simple graphical training materials for staff with limited computer and literacy skills.

Friendly and Reliable Help for their Users

When Nuru International all the way in Kenya needed assistance hosting Mifos in the cloud, they turned to Conflux Technologies.  Following the Grameen Foundation transition, Mifos Cloud users turned to Conflux.  Users in the community constantly praise Conflux’s team for their timeliness, responsiveness, and level of knowledge.  No matter where they are – they are ready to help their users out with a meticulous knowledge of the product and the resourcefulness of nimble and agile team.

Part of our Global Community

Conflux is a shining example of a team player in the community. They never hesitate to share their knowledge and tools with the rest of the community. They’ve contributed to the core codebase, external modules like an offline client and data migration tools, and enhancements to our business intelligence suite.  They don’t stop at code – they’ve got a knack for creating easy to follow graphical user manuals.  Their energy and their voice are a vital connection to the users across India they support.