Michael Vorburger

Impact: Michael has been one of our most dedicated volunteers contributing in all arenas. He’s accelerated our collaboration – migrating our wiki and issue tracker and creating a new development environment. He’s made Mifos X easier to use for users through his work on an Installer and is eager to spread the word about Mifos, speaking at conferences and visiting our users while also serving as a mentor to Google Summer of Code interns.

Michael has been one of our most prolific and generous contributors over the years since he first joined the Mifos community as a volunteer in October 2009 when he quickly became our first ever Mifos Star Contributor. Despite a busy day-job and a young family to watch over at home, Michael has continually still found time to contribute in an impactful way over the years.

He is most certainly one of our most valuable contributors, not only due to his talents as a developer and his knowledge of our domain, but his curiosity to explore and quickly master new technologies, along with his patience and personality that makes him the best teacher and mentor. Michael’s contributions have ranged from collaboration and development infrastructure, mobile and product functionality, installation packages, mentoring for Google Summer of Code, architectural guidance, and even serving as ambassador for Mifos by speaking at conferences and visiting users in the field.

I’m nobody to give you any advice… maybe just: Keep up the good work!

Ending poverty one line of code at a time.

  • Migrated our wiki and issue tracker over to JIRA
  • Developed a new streamlined development environment for Mifos X
  • Google Summer of Code Mentor for User-Generated Documents
  • Executable WAR installer with embedded MariaDB
  • APIs for sending SMS campaigns
  • Evangelization by attending conferences and visiting users
  • Architectural guidance and feature design recommendations

“Mifos is a great project because developers can contribute open source to something which seems to have a direct impact on improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through better software for microfinance institutions.”